Travel Tips

Alcohol is allowed in the private cabins; however it is against Canadian law to consume alcohol in a motorized vehicle, including boats.

We provide barbless hooks to all our guests. A barbless hook ensures that a caught fish can be returned to the water with minimal damage to the mouth and gill area. By protecting the fish in this way, we are ensuring an excellent fishing trip for all, for years to come!

Border Crossing at Pigeon River
If you are driving to Thunder Bay from Minnesota, you will cross the U.S./ Canadian Border at Pigeon River. Be prepared to show your identification (see Passports), and answer questions about your visit to Canada.

Credit/Debit Cards
You can pay for your trip to Kasabonika online through our secure payment site, however we recommend bringing cash on your trip as some local establishments do not accept credit/ debit cards.

Currency Exchange
You can exchange currency in any Canadian Bank, or you can change it at home and bring it with you. There is no bank in Kasabonika, however some establishments will exchange your money based on the most recent exchange amount posted.

On your return home, you will be asked to declare all purchases made while in Canada. If you are in Canada for more than 48 hours you are allowed to return with $400 worth of goods. Please note that it is illegal to buy Cuban cigars in Canada for import into the U.S.

Duty Free
Duty Free shops in Canada are similar to those in the U.S. They provide an opportunity to purchase items ranging from perfume to bubblegum duty and tax free.

Firearms & Ammunition
There are strict regulations for bringing firearms and ammunition into Canada. You must be at least 18 years, and you cannot import prohibited firearms, or any prohibited weapons or devices, including silencers and replica firearms. There may be fees associated with brining firearms into Canada, for more information, request a copy of the pamphlet called Importing a Firearm or Weapon Into Canada (RC4227) from a Canadian embassy, consulate, mission, or customs office.

Food services are not included in Housekeeping Services, but can be provided upon request.

You will be provided with 10 gallons of gasoline everyday. If you require more it is available for purchase at the

You are allowed to bring gifts home with you, however Cuban Cigars and other items are illeagal in the U.S.

Rebates for Federal Goods and Services Tax (GST) are available for accommodations and eligible purchases of $200 or more. Forms are available at most information centres and border crossings throughout Ontario, or by calling 1-800-ONTARIO.

Health Insurance
Parties are responsible for their own travel insurance.

Hospital/Medical Services
Our community provides a Nursing Station ran by professional Health Practitioners.

Canada has two official languages: English and French. In the community of Kasabonika, English and Oji-Cree are the languages used most frequestly.

As a U.S. citizen, you do not need a passport to visit us in Asheweig. We do advise you to bring a passport if you already have one, however Canada Customs will accept your birth certificate, voter’s card or driver’s license as identification. It is always a good idea to take an emergency contact card and other pertinent information about medical conditions etc. whenever you leave your company.

Registering Your Valuables
Canadian Customs will allow you to bring in duty free, any reasonable quantity of goods for your own use on your vacation. Cameras, binoculars, sporting goods, etc. for your own use may be brought in, but should be registered with Canadian Customs on entry, for your protectio