Discover Asheweig River Camps

Northern Ontario’s untouched destination for catch & release trophy fishing.

Asheweig River Camps is one of North America’s premier locations for catch and release trophy fishing. Located 400 miles north of the Minnesota border and nestled deep within the boreal forest of remote northern Ontario, Asheweig River boasts some of Canada’s most pristine wilderness and unexplored waters. 

Owned and operated by the small community of Kasabonika Lake First Nation, the Asheweig River is just one of many rivers and lakes that surround the small community and its crystal clear waters continue to play an inherent role in the daily lives of the local First Nation people for fishing and hunting.

This lake and river were great fishing, and the weather was the same. The cabin was neat every night when we came back from fishing and the boats and motors were perfect. The guides were awesome in every way they could be. This trip with my Dad could be one of his last, but it was one of the best. My nephew coming was a bonus. I will never forget this camp and the way we were taken care of. Thanks for a wonderful time!

David “Sparky” Jarczynski
Columbus, Ohio

This has been the second trip in Canada for me. It was just as exciting and fun as I thought it would be. The cabin was a great facility. The guides were great with their knowledge and experience in “fish finding” and maneuvering through the river. The caretaker was great with the fish and our cabin. Overall, the trip was a great time and I’ll remember this trip for years to come. It gave me a sense of relaxation in the outdoors. GREAT TRIP!

Brian Marinelli
Toledo, Ohio

This will EASILY go down as one of my most memorable trips ever and there’s absolutely no doubt I’ll be back! Big thanks go out to our guide Leon Beardy, Mitch Diabo for all of his help in planning this venture and of course my friend and boat mate Bill Marzana. ‘Till next time fella’s, it was a blast!

Mike Borger